A Tour for every interest.


LoneStar eBikes provides tours highlighting Salado’s best characteristics. These Tours include: History, Art, Beer/Wine/Food, Gardens, Shopping, Night Tour and an Off-Road Adventure .



Guided tours are scheduled with stops at businesses and interesting sites. Many businesses provide samples, discounts or additional information. You will also speak directly with artists, chefs, vintners, brewers or owners along the tour.




Bring your group or make new friends by joining one of our planned Tours.  E-bikes are a great way to have fun with others, but your guide will make it even better by giving you the full story. They will introduce you to artists, owners and managers of Salado’s studios, shops, inns, restaurants and other businesses and sights.


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The History tour follows the Salado Historical Society Markers to bike through Salado’s wonderful past in order to understand the culture, creativity, and community of Salado today.







The Art Tour can barely begin to touch on some of the Artists, Studios, Public Art and shops that contribute to Salado’s creative community culture.






The Beer/Wine/Food Tour will introduce you to Salado’s Chefs, Vintners and Brewers and provide a sampling of the food, drink and entertainment available in Salado.





Discover the known and less known Gardens and gardening projects in Salado on the Gardens Tours.










The Shopping Tour highlights Salado’s eclectic retail scene to help you locate the intriguing shops you will want to return and spend more time exploring.








The Off-Road Adventure is fast becoming one our most popular tours.  It provides the opportunity for up to 4 riders to ride Haibike mid-drive eBikes at Dana Peak or another off-road park in the area. Great for riders of all abilities and the scenery is fabulous.




Please click Here for the tour calendar and booking information!