Why LoneStar!

Why Buy from LoneStar eBikes?


Here are the reasons our customers give for shopping and visiting LoneStar eBikes:

  • I absolutely loved this company! They were so humble about everything and showed us how to work the bikes!

  • The owners are extremely nice and will answer all your questions and let you test ride the right bike for you.

  • The owners are very knowledgable and will spend as much time as you need to answer questions.  They were anxious for me to get the right eBike and picked out some great bikes for me to try, and encouraged me to take extended test rides without being high pressure to buy. That was refreshing!

  • We all had so much fun!

  • We were treated so kindly here! Thank you all very much!

  • Very helpful people. Great service.

  • I was amazed! They go beyond, are professional and very appreciative of customer loyality! These people know their product! They also carry top-of-the-line products, at a fair price.

  • Very informative and helpful to our needs. This is the best bike shop.

  • Charming and good hearted staff. They do good work and benefit a lot of people.

  • The BEST experience my husband and I have ever had in a bike shop. We’ve been riding bicycles all our lives. I was skeptical about e bikes until I rode one!! The staff proved to be friendly, informative, and helpful.

  • My new favorite bike shop! Friendly, informative staff that allow you to experience e bikes at a reasonable price. We liked riding the e bikes so much that LoneStar worked with us until we found the bike that fit us best

  • We're riding so much more with an e bike (even in the cold), and still get a good workout.

  • LoneStar is very involved in the community such as rehabilitation of old donated bikes and giving them back to children and adults in need. You won't find better staff, e bikes or service anywhere.

  • Totally amazed at the wonderful customer service of this establishment. I will be singing the praises of this place to everyone I know, not to mention my teenaged kids loved the bikes!! Can't say enough about this place and I will defiantly be back soon!!!!

  • A wonderful shop with amazing bikes and supplies!! Knowledgeable and VERY kind-hearted owners!!!!

  • They were so nice and give you everything you need.

  • The best thing about Lonestar is the family who owns it! They treat you like you're one of them. They truly want you to have the best time and get the most out of your ride.

  • Took my daughter aside and let her pick out a special surprise gift from their shop for my birthday!

  • They recently gave a bunch of bikes (16?) to a local foster care agency. These are the kind of people you want to support by giving them your business!

  • Highly recommend this experience to anyone.

  • You will NOT be disappointed!

  • The owners were so nice and too kind!! If you are looking for an ebike, LoneStar are your guys!



Customer feedback tells us we are doing well in these areas:

  1. Customer Service

  2. Education and Training

  3. Fun!

  4. Friendly

  5. Supportive & Helpfull

  6. Health & Fitness

  7. Give Back to Community

  8. Caring & Kind

  9. Product Selection

  10. Knowledgable

  11. Family Friendly

  12. Provide top level support to EVERYONE! 

  13. Best Value!

  14. Great Products


Here are our other critical objectives that customer feedback may not have mentioned:


  • Safety

  • Product & Repair Quality

  • Product Selection

  • Environmental Protection! 

  • Economic Development

  • Mentoring future Leaders

  • Recreation Opportunities

  • Community Togetherness


We will achieve these goals & objectives as we build an organization that customers actively support, communities recruit, & potential partners/employees put on the top of their list.