What is an eBike?


An electric bike—or eBike for short—is a bicycle. It uses the same designs and components as any other bicycle; however, it also includes an electric motor that gives riders an extra boost of power. This motor, which is powered by a rechargeable battery, ultimately provides a smoother, more convenient, and less strenuous cycling experience.

An e-bike’s motor eliminates many of the obstacles that keep people from cycling—such as steep hills, health or fitness difficulties, and commutes that leave riders tired and sweaty. By allowing riders to decide precisely how much or how little they pedal, e-bikes actually make it possible for a large variety of people to enjoy the many benefits of cycling; regardless of age, body type, health condition, cycling experience, or fitness level. Anyone can ride an electric bike.





What are the benefits of an eBike?

Fun! Bring out your inner youth

No expensive parking fees

Bike to work without getting sweaty, tired or worn out

No License, Registration, or Fees Use bike lanes, bike paths, and ride where a regular bicycle is allowed

Environmentally friendly way to travel, Zero emissions

Faster than bicycles, and Ride further

Less expensive way to travel, less than $.10/day for electricity

Take your eBike in/on your motor home for flexible travel at destinations

Take a short-cut Reduce money spent on gasoline and upkeep of your car/truck

Lose weight

Complete repairs yourself

Use with public transportation (ex. bike to bus, load bike, bike to work)

Combine physical activity with your day-to-day transportation

Improve your heart and lungs

Go on an Eco-Tour with your eBike

500 miles of riding for $1 of electricity

Return to nature on a trail ride Easy to park and lock, no circling the lot looking for parking

Flexible, and effective way to exercise; lose the gym membership

Travel 35 times farther per dollar than an electric car

Zoom up a hill

Reduces stress

Keep up with children, grandchildren (or spouse)

More visibility, enjoy the experience

Half of all trips in the US are less than 3 miles.

Biking makes good sense!

eBikes are used more frequently than regular bikes (as much as 10x)

Enjoy the bike home without traffic or stress

No bridge or highway ‘tolls’ Explore!

Take side streets, explore the wilderness

Electric bikes have a high resale value - hold value better than cars or bicycles

Be a role model for others to follow

Electric bikes are safer than bicycles

Be young and free again

Easy to ride!

Can be made smaller by removing tires, handle bars (some models fold)

Take your eBike on Vacation

Friendlier, Wave at other people, meet other people

Customize your e-bike, get it exactly how you want it