Designed and Assembled in America



The clean transportation movement is advancing like never before, empowering the future of how we get around. And our vision for the future extends far beyond our consumer products.

Wired Magazine called our products “relentlessly practical” – and it’s one of our all-time favorite compliments. Each aspect of our e-bike and e-scooter was designed with a purpose.

We started by building our products here in the United States, so we could control the supply chain. We then made sure our products could do what cars do when it comes to running errands, commuting and getting around town.

Our e-bikes have a throttle mode, so you can coast to the office or dinner without breaking a sweat. Our electric scooters have a massive back storage area so you can carry everything you need with you.

Then there’s our focus on connectivity and technology. Our electric scooters are all fully connected, with a companion app so you can check on your ride 24/7. Starting in 2017, our e-bikes will be connected as well. Both provide access to route planning, diagnostics, battery life, theft prevention and more. Think of it as your personal transportation device.